Nov 3, 2021 | Case Studies

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘go to’ company for complex drainage blockages and drain lining or patching problems. We love a challenge!

So, when a well know water authority challenged us with removing a major sewer collapse in Birmingham on a 150mm sewer run, situated 6 metres deep on a site that couldn’t be excavated, we said yes!

Most collapsed sewer projects come with their own set of difficulties and this case study was no different; with the sewer being located 6 meters deep on a busy highway and in close proximity to a retaining wall.

Our highly experienced drainage engineers had to devise a specialist cutting solution to carefully remove any broken pipework and drainage debris and then gently clean away the broken pipework and silt. Once the pipework was carefully jetted and prepared, to prevent further damage to the structural integrity of the pipework, they installed a specialist patch repair, using a calibration tube to stop the patch over inflating, so that it wouldn’t over expand and cause the pipework to fail further.

As an alternative to drain lining; patch lining, or patch repairs that use a combination of glass fibre matting with silicate resin, will give one of the strongest structural repairs in the industry. Patch repairs offer an excellent alternative to drain lining and can be efficient, less time consuming and more cost effective in the long run.

The patch repair process can yield major strength advantages. First a silicate impregnated glass fibre matting is wrapped around a packer, which is pulled into place over the drain defect. The premixed resins chemically react and cure the patch ambiently, this can take up to 1-2 hours depending on the ambient temperature of the pipework and chemical mix.

Once the patch is cured, the packer is deflated and removed leaving a LSR (localised Structural Repair) over the defect. Multiple LSRs (patch liners) can be installed consecutively to cover longer sections of damaged pipework; or they can be layered to form a stronger structural repairs mid length.

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