Nov 3, 2021 | Case Studies

In the drainage world, there are certain situations that require a drain to be fully lined in order to repair or renovate a failing sewer or broken drain.

Our drainage teams are experts when it comes to using CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) lining techniques as well as UV (Ultraviolet) lining and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) liners.

When a client requested that we renovate a large Victorian 900mm x 600mm brick egg sewer, situated in Bolsover, a small market village in Derbyshire, we jumped at the chance.

Drain lining is something our drainage crews tackle daily; and each job throws up different challenges or complications. On this occasion they had to deal with the size of the egg sewer (which was pretty big by industry standards) the poor condition of the culvert, the deterioration of the manholes, as well as the traffic restrictions in the small village.

To resolves these difficulties, our drain lining crew employed a traffic management system and used specialist civil engineering techniques to deconstruct the failing manholes. They also relined the sewer using a hot cured CIPP drain lining method, in order to give them longer a working time before the resin started to set.

Due to site access constraints and the traffic restrictions in the area, the project took a couple of weeks.

Over the years, our crews have successfully completed many drain-lining jobs, so if you have a failed liner that requires cutting and relining our crews have the experience and tools for the job; in fact failed lining cutting is something our ultra-high-pressure water cutter (40,000psi) makes easy work of.

Our drainage crews operate through the UK, in Windsor, Slough, Berkshire, Reading, Oxford, Bracknell, Maidenhead and the Greater London area. We also have a sister company, Wilkinson Environmental Ltd, located in the Midlands.

For further information about our drain lining or patch lining services, please visit our service page or contact us directly.