Nov 3, 2021 | Case Studies

Removing and cutting concrete out of sewers and drains has become our speciality. The tougher the better as we have the right tools for the job.

Our experienced drainage crews travel all over the country dealing with challenging and complex sewer blockages that many other drainage contractors struggle to overcome.

Since Drain Power was acquired by its big sister company, Wilkinson Environmental, in early 2021, the Windsor-based drainage firm can now offer direction water cutting capabilities as a specialist drainage service to its clients throughout Berkshire, Reading, Oxford, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead and Greater London.

Cutting concrete out of drains and sewers with minimal damage to the host pipe can be tricky. One of the most challenging jobs successfully undertaken was a concrete cutting job in a 1000m x 600mm large egg sewer for Thames Water in Waterloo, London.

Drain Power’s sister company have developed a bespoke 20,000psi directional water cutter, designed to remove the toughest foundation concrete from sewers. It also has the capacity to function at 40,000psi at 80lmp through a single pencil nozzle, delivering astonishing cutting power should the job in question require it.

The single-entry direction water cutting unit can be remotely driven down to any drainage obstruction and easily cuts through large tap roots, dense root mass, fatbergs, steel foundation piles as well as builders’ foundation concrete.

It can also handle intruding connections and cut through heavy deposits of concrete up to 50N/mm2 in any size pipework, from 100mm to 1000mm. It is also capable of dealing with up to 40{ec85e8413e4b705609e734532f81dac296c3f0e7854fd2fc4ecb41aa86bf7e88} deformities in sewer lines, which sets it aside from most other cutting units in the UK market.

Removing stubborn foundation concrete from sewers or drains with a bespoke water cutter can often be the sole solution to difficult blockage situations. Drain Power’s ‘no dig’ technology can ultimately save businesses or property owners time and money by avoiding unnecessary and costly excavation work. Direction water cutting is a unique solution in circumstances where groundwork excavation is simply not an option.

If you have an unresolved drainage problem and wish to learn more about our ‘no dig’ trenchless technologies and specialist concrete cutting services; including removing foundation concrete from sewers or drains, breaking up fatbergs in sewers or cutting steel pile foundations, we’d be happy to talk through your options, so get in touch via our contact page.