Directional Water Cutting Old Windsor

We’ve made removing grout and concrete stuck in sewers and drains easier with our bespoke directional water cutting solutions in Old Windsor. Our technology and pioneering processes for concrete removal from sewers ultimately saves time and money.

Challenges of Concrete in Sewers

There are plenty of things you don’t want to find in your drains and sewers, but concrete and grout are two of the most challenging – and they’re not uncommon, especially after building work and renovations.

Removing concrete, grout and even steel pile foundations from mains sewers in Old Windsor can be challenging and result in additional drain repair costs including drain lining and patch repairs after the obstruction or blockage is removed. Plus, using the wrong technique or equipment to remove concrete or extremely dense materials from drains can complicate the matter, sometimes damaging pipes further.

Old Windsor Concrete Removal Solutions

To remove concrete stuck in drains or sewers, most drainage firms use either high-pressure directional water cutters, working at 12,500psi, or a forward-facing jet/pencil nozzle on rods. But there are flaws with both technologies.

Standard directional water cutting works for clearing normal sewer debris, after all, that’s what it was designed for, but for concrete removal from drains the jets cannot cope when they reach dense concrete obstructions. They either cut through the pipe work and leave the concrete behind or create thrust from the forward-facing jet, forcing it out of the sewer.

The alternatives just aren’t fit for purpose, which is why we created our innovative directional water cutter, which can work up to 20,000psi or even 40,000psi depending on requirements. Our expert developers found 20,000psi was the optimal cutting pressure for foundation concrete removal from sewers and drains.

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High Pressure Water Cutting Old Windsor – the Uses

Our bespoke sewer concrete cutting unit isn’t just suited for removing concrete from drains. It’s also ideal for eliminating hardened encrustations, for the removal of intruding connections, and for root cutting – especially stubborn tap roots and root mass.

It may be relatively recent technology, but it’s already proved adept at removing concrete and grout from sewers, successfully cutting through solid concrete in a Thames Water egg sewer when a massive ‘concreteberg’ (the even scarier cousin to the ‘fatberg’) formed.

What to Expect

If you have issues with foundation concrete stuck in your drains, before carrying out any repairs our Drainage Engineers will:


Use CCTV drain survey equipment to investigate your drainage system and identify the source of the blockage


Identify the most efficient type of concrete removal solution required


Agree the best solution for removing concrete from your drains or sewers


Minimise mess and disruption – directional water cutting can ultimately save time and money 

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Drain Repair Options

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