Patch Lining & Patch Repairs Henley on Thames

Drain damage doesn’t have to spell disaster. At Drain Power, we can often restore damaged pipes in Henley on Thames using our patch lining techniques and patch repairs. And, thanks to our no dig technology, this trenchless solution saves you time and money.

Patch Lining & Patch Repairs Henley on Thames

Blocked Drains – The Basics

Simple and cost-effective, Henley on Thames drain patch repairs and patch lining are highly effective if you have small areas of damage in your drainage system. In fact, they’re just as efficient as full drain lining.

We will carry out a CCTV drain survey first, checking the level of damage to your pipes and their suitability to patch lining. Our engineers can then confirm if you need drain replacement, full drain relining, or a simple drain patch repair.

Our no dig technology and treatments include CIPP lining, CIPP patch repairs, GRP lining, and UV lining, and our engineers will always recommend the most effective and budget-friendly option.

CIPP lining – Your Options

Our CIPP lining is made from clever resin-layered liners, which cover and adhere to any damaged areas of pipe and make them impenetrable.

First, our CIPP lining experts will investigate your drains, checking their size and condition (and the damage), so they can advise on the most appropriate CIPP patch repairs.

Then, to limit any mess and disruption, we use our specialist no dig technology to complete the Cured in Place Pipe repairs, with our remote gadgetry laying your reinforced liner in place, before curing it to your drain or sewer. 

Henley on Thames Patch Repairs Your Options

If CIPP patch lining isn’t right for your drains, our engineers can provide other patch lining solutions, like UV Lining or GRP Lining:

UV Lining – ultraviolet light is applied to a reinforced liner to cure it in place inside your damaged drains
GRP Lining – glass-reinforced plastic liners are used to create a barrier over a damaged portion of drain

Just like CIPP patch repairs, these drain repairs use no dig technology, so they are carried out without having to excavate your drains.

Drain Patch Repairs Henley on Thames – Step By Step


Examine Your Drain

We’ll use remote CCTV drain surveys to examine your damaged drains


Recommend A Drain Patch Lining Remedy

We’ll recommend the most appropriate drain patch lining remedy


Repair The Drain With Drain Lining

We’ll complete the drain repairs, possibly using our CIPP lining or CIPP patch repairs


Clear The Mess

We’ll clear any mess – although this is minimal thanks to the no dig technology

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With teams all over Henley on Thames and the surrounding areas, we’re here to discuss any drainage problems you’re having or to arrange your homebuyer drain surveys, build over surveys, or pre-tenancy surveys.

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Our Drain Power Promise

  • Certified drain engineers
  • Patch lining services
  • 24/7 callout for emergencies
  • CIPP patch lining experts
  • Trenchless technology

Drain Patch Repairs Services:

  • CIPP patch repairs
  • CIPP lining
  • UV lining
  • GRP Lining
  • Epoxy Patch Repairs
  • Top Hat Lateral Repairs
  • CCTV drain surveys

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