Planned Preventative Maintenance Slough

You have the power to stop drainage disasters before they happen, with our Planned Preventative Maintenance Slough (PPM) packages.

Keeping your drains in shape and avoiding disruption for your clients, staff, and revenue, we can build a PPM schedule that covers everything from regular drain maintenance that prevents blocked drains to descaling pipework, emptying grease traps, cleaning septic tanks, and blocked drain cleaning.

PPM – the basics

Every business is different, with different commercial drain services needs.

That’s why we don’t have a ‘standard’ PPM offering – instead we tailor-make PPM packages for our clients, who include construction firms, Housing Associations, Facilities Management (FM) companies, hoteliers, pub and restaurant owners, caterers, HMOs (houses in multiple occupation), and lettings agents.

When creating your Slough Planned Preventative Maintenance package, we’ll pick from our comprehensive range of commercial drain services, including gully cleaning and drain cleaning, maintaining soakaways, and emptying oil inceptors.

A PPM package from Drain Power might include a mix of:



Drain Inspections



Blocked Drain Cleaning, Gully Cleaning, Cleaning Septic Tanks



Descaling Pipework, Maintaining Soakaways



Emptying Grease Traps, Emptying Oil Inceptors


Slough Planned Preventative Maintenance

When creating your PPM package, we consider your business, clients, staff, premises, and budget, discussing how frequently inspections and maintenance should be carried out.

Some things could be carried out monthly, like emptying grease traps; some quarterly, like gully cleaning or maintaining soakaways; and some annually, like cleaning septic tanks thoroughly, or descaling pipework. It all depends on your business’s needs.

Drain Maintenance – the benefits

Planned preventative maintenance in Slough is essential for the healthy running of your drainage systems – and your business.

It stops restauranteurs losing customers because of blocked drains backing up. It stops Facilities Management companies having to deal with the aftermath of damaged soakaways. It stops housing associations and HMOs contravening legal requirements for cleaning septic tanks. And it stops all clients having to waste time, money, and energy on emergency drain work.


Less money

You can avoid costly emergency drain repairs, premises repairs, and lost revenue, with regular budgeted PPM 


Less time

You can avoid interruptions to your business operations caused by blocked drains, and the subsequent loss of revenue and clients, with regular drain maintenance


Less energy

You can avoid the trauma of emergency callouts for blocked drains that have damaged your premises. And you can rest assured you are adhering to all health and safety and environmental regulations for cleaning septic tanks, with our PPM commercial drain services.

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Our Drain Power Promise

  • Tailored PPM packages
  • Everything you need included
  • Industry leaders in drainage
  • Flexible commercial services
  • UK-wide teams
  • 24/7 seamless service

Our PPM services:

  • Drain inspections
  • Blocked Drain Cleaning
  • Gully Cleaning
  • Maintaining Soakaways
  • Cleaning Septic Tanks
  • Emptying Grease Traps
  • Emptying Oil Inceptors
  • Descaling Pipework

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