Drain Lining: How does it work?

Jun 3, 2021 | News

Drain lining is a simple and cost-effective solution that works by adding a new layer inside your cracked and damaged pipes, drains and sewers to reinforce them.

Drain lining repairs or patch repairs are easy, effective and permanent, providing a structural repair without the hassle of digging up and replacing drainage pipes on your land or property.

Relining cracked and damaged pipes also helps to prolong your drain’s life offering protection against future cracks and damage.


Can drain lining be used for all drainage repairs?

At Drain Power we have extensive experience and expertise in drain lining repairs and have a solution for almost every problem. We can reline drains damaged by tree root ingress, foundation concrete, or debris; displaced pipes and offset joints; leaking or collapsed sewers as well as drains that are difficult to access or excavate.

Our drain lining repairs can be carried out on any sewer between 100mm and 3,000mm in diameter and are available for domestic, commercial and industrial sites across the Southeast of England, including Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough, Bracknell, Berkshire and the Greater London area.


Drain relining: how it is completed

First, a CCTV drain survey will be carried out to complete an assessment of your damaged drain by one of Drain Power’s qualified drainage engineers. Where necessary, they jet and clean the broken pipe to obtain accurate survey results and determine whether drain lining is the best option for you.

After the survey, our drainage engineers will discuss with you the best type of relining for the damage identified. Drain Power relining options include CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe), UV (Ultra Violet) GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and Bluelight. Please see our drain lining services page for further details on all the options offered.

Next, the drain liner will be installed by our team of experts with the absolute minimum amount of disruption or mess to your home or business. For educational or medical premises, Drain Power can also arrange for odourless drain liners to be used.

Our drain lining technology is the perfect solution for domestic and commercial repairs, it is also the most efficient and-cost effective no-dig solution.


Is drain lining available near me?

 At Drain Power, we carry out drain lining and patch repairs across the Southeast, including Windsor, Maidenhead, Berkshire and Greater London.


Drain and sewer repairs – are they essential?

Yes! At Drain Power, we are passionate about ensuring drain and sewer damage is fixed before the problem becomes more serious and expensive to resolve.

If caught early, repairing drain and sewer damage will be the most cost effective and hassle free option. Standing water and toxic smells can develop into more serious issues if drain and sewer damage is left unrepaired and may require pipe replacement.

Replacing pipes is not only more expensive, it also has an impact upon your commercial or domestic property, with excavation being more disruptive, time-consuming and inconvenient.

At Drain Power we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best solution for all your drain and sewer needs and, where appropriate, reduce cost and disruption by carrying out our drain relining services.


Is drain lining the right solution?

 Call our friendly team at Drain Power for a no-obligation quotation or to discuss your requirements. Our experts will guide you through the right repair solution.


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